A quick word from Spain!

I am on a big break in Cadiz in the South of Spain at the moment with my very good friend Sam (who made this website for me!). Obviously I am missing my piano very much, but luckily I stumbled across one a few days ago… We were on a biking/camping trip along the coast, and we came across a bar in Conil that served fantastic mojotos and had a piano, two of my favourite things! So they let me play for a while and gave us some free drinks. What a lovely moment in a fantastic trip… Anyway, I need to get back to cocktails, beach, sunshine etc…. See you soon. Paddy


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  1. Theresa August 9, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    It’s alright for some hey.. I hope that Sam did some Flamenco dancing to accompany you..:-)

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A quick word from Spain!