Paddy Piano Teacher

Digital pianos – yes or no?

Today I am going into London’s famous Denmark Street, which is lined with music shops, to try out some new digital pianos. As soon as I mention the term ‘digital pianos’ the purists among you will be cringing at the thought of playing something that is not a traditional instrument.
Although I am just as aware as the next pianist, that an electronic instrument can never match the feel and tone you achieve from an acoustic piano, I still think that there are many advantages to buying a digital piano.
Firstly, the cost. Obviously there is a huge range in price, but a digital piano is generally much more affordable than an
acoustic piano. Digital pianos do not need tuning or maintenance. You can use headphones, so you don’t have to annoy your neighbours! Digital pianos can come with lots and lots of preset sounds, so you can enjoy playing a classic Fender Rhodes sound and a Steinway grand piano sound all on the same instrument. Most digital pianos are very portable and nowhere near as heavy as a real one! You can connect straight to your computer and record very easily.
I could go on all day. Basically, there is no need to turn your nose up at an instrument with so many advantages. Don’t compare it to an acoustic piano, enjoy it for what it is. Paddy