Paddy Piano Teacher

Piano man was the Crown Jools

For the Jubilee weekend my mother took me to see Jools Holland and his rhythm and blues band at the Malvern Theatre. What a show! If you don’t already play the piano then this man will make you want to play. His enthusiasm, wit and showmanship make him an all round fantastic entertainer. Jools Holland makes the most complicated boogie rhythms seem effortless and, more importantly, hugely fun to play! I left the show itching to play some piano and i’m sure everybody else did too, even if they didn’t know how! I love blues piano, it is probably my favourite style, although at the same time I can only handle so much. It has a tendency to become very repetative, as most blues tunes are based on the same structure and it is easy to play the same ‘licks’ over and over again. With Jools Holland this was not the case at all. Two hours of fresh ideas, rhythms and immense talent. Beautiful piano. Thanks mum!