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Finally back to piano lessons!

Hello! I’m finally back to piano lessons this week after a lovely Christmas break! What a fantastic few weeks of eating, drinking and making music! I now have a few slots going for piano lessons,


I’ve been very busy recently! Lots and lots of teaching now the new school year is fully underway… Last weekend I had the honour of playing piano at the wedding of some very close friends.

Back to piano lessons!

After a lovely break over the summer I’m finally happy to be back teaching piano again! All of my students are back from their holidays and it’s nice to be busy again! I do still

A quick word from Spain!

I am on a big break in Cadiz in the South of Spain at the moment with my very good friend Sam (who made this website for me!). Obviously I am missing my piano very

Piano man was the Crown Jools

For the Jubilee weekend my mother took me to see Jools Holland and his rhythm and blues band at the Malvern Theatre. What a show! If you don’t already play the piano then this man

Digital pianos – yes or no?

Today I am going into London’s famous Denmark Street, which is lined with music shops, to try out some new digital pianos. As soon as I mention the term ‘digital pianos’ the purists among you

Piano lessons – 10 reasons to start!

Ten reasons to start piano lessons: Piano lessons are fun! Learning the piano can help you relax. They are great for your all round understanding of music. They can introduce you to new music tastes.

Government warn of piano lessons shortage

A piano lesson crisis is causing panic throughout the country. People are bulk buying piano lessons all over the country as fear of a shortage spreads. David Cameron issued a statement from Downing Street earlier today; “I

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